This is what the inside of my head looks like most days

I track tommosmightybum
twitter side of the fandom: drama drama fOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME drama
facebook side of the fandom: COME TO *a list of 123432 countries*
tumblr side of the fandom: i can see his dick through his pants
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Anonymous was like: What is your opinion of Harry's hair currently?


i hope he never washes it again and puts it into 47 mini ponytails just to weed out the weak harry girls

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#okay molly ringwald settle the fuck down  

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one thing: omg this is their best music video ever
lwwy: omg this is their best music video ever
little things: omg this is their best music video ever
kiss you: omg this is their best music video ever
owoa: omg this is their best music video ever
best song ever: omg this is their best music video ever
story of my life: omg this is their best music video ever
midnight memories: well
you & i: no
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i just wanna eat bread

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We will always be your boys.

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A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye. As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition.
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Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists

by  Valeriya Kutsan

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the first and last ones

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dont ever call louis unattractive because he could steal your man with one glance if he wanted to

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i want to sleep for 2 years and wake up with a degree, an apartment and money in the bank.

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Source: truthfacts

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